Carol Mixon
Mark Yandow
Jim Mooney
Anne Ballard
District Manager is essential to our Self Storage Operation. The information provided in the software paints a complete picture of what is happening at each of our locations. During the Pandemic, they have added a new feature called “State of the Investment” which is a comprehensive tool utilized with all of our owner and client monthly presentations. I would recommend this product to anyone operating a self-storage portfolio as it has up to the minute data providing a complete financial overview of each location.
Robert Pacella, Crescendo Self Storage Management
District Manager Software has been a tremendous asset to our company. The software is both intuitive and transparent. After running the software for three (3) months, I was able to find approximately $90k in additional revenue (rent increases & discount reductions). Thanks Paul!
Sonny Vejar, StorAmerica Management - Portfolio Manager
Since we started using District Manager at some of our test stores, we have been able to spot weaknesses in our revenue management. We found that we were leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table every month because we were not maintaining efficient systems to increase existing customers’ rent. We were also able to look at occupancy, income, and activity in graphic form to paint a vivid picture of how well a store is doing. Since most of us at the office are visual people, we found the District Manager software very helpful. From those graphs, we can easily tailor a training session for a team of managers who may be falling behind. This software really does take the guesswork out of managing a large portfolio and enables our Area Managers to see which stores need help in which areas.
David Dixon, Universal Management
Fort Knox Self Storage is a medium sized Self Storage company in Melbourne, Australia with 8000 storage units across 8 large facilities. We started using Sitelink approximately 2 years ago and discovered District Manager at a conference in March this year. District Manager has made the management of our company more effective and pointed to areas that we need to focus on. Now, we can easily monitor all of our 8 sites as a group on consolidated tables or have the power to drill down on actual sites and more detailed information, if required. In addition, historical data is overlaid within current reports to give us a relevant benchmark and seasonal trend information at the click of mouse.

District Manager has truly improved the way we manage the company and given us the knowledge to act quickly and implement change when and where required. Before we started using District Manager I would review reports weekly, now I review the progress of our group daily and make real changes that can immediately improve our performance & revenue.

Guy Wilson, Fort Knox Self Storage - General Manager
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the insight and recommendations regarding the District Manager software. Never before have I been able to make $30,000 on the demo of a product!

I appreciate the time you spent with me at the Self Storage Convention explaining and providing information on how best to utilize District Manager.

I continue to find new ways to increase our efficiency and make changes to policies that increase profitability. Again, thank you for your time and continued support.

Craig Mcgee, Managing Partner