District Manager®

$75 USD Per Month
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District Manager® Includes
  • Real Time Analysis
  • Pinpoint Revenue Losses & Opportunities
  • State of the Investment Report
  • Email Alerting
  • Discount Analysis
  • Report Scheduling
  • Create Favorite Reports Group
  • Crisis Management
  • Group Reports
  • Concession Analysis
  • Cockpit Charts
  • Unit Group Analysis
  • Rent Analysis Suite
  • Inquiry and Reservations
  • Ledger Analysis (Auditing)
  • Move-in Activity
  • Move-out Activity
  • Ghost-tenant & Jumper Reporting
  • Monitor Loss Prevention
  • Charts
  • Facility Heat Map
  • Employee Log-ins
  • Reporting Quick Search
  • Remote Access
  • Multi-user Capable
  • Multi-site Capable
  • Works with SiteLink Web Edition

District Manager® PRO

$150 Per Month
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District Manager® PRO Includes
  • Automates Revenue Management
  • Advanced Reasoning to Generate Real-Time Recommendations
  • Manage Revenue & Updates Your Management Software in Real-time
  • Ability to Raise Rates Based on a Pre-Planned Annual Percentage
  • Check Customers Ability to Pay
  • Displays Confidence Level of Recommendations
  • AI Utilizes Over 100 Variables to Determine Suggested Rates
  • Adapts to Historical Data & Your Recommendation Inputs
  • Monitor Impact of Rate Changes to Facility Valuation

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